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Nootropil 1200mg


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Nootropil 1200mg is a nootropic medicine that’s known to help enhance cognitive skills such as learning and memory. Because of its effects on the central nervous system, and its potential as a neuroprotective medicine, Nootropil 1200mg may be prescribed to help treat CNS disorders and restore cognitive function in neurodegenerative disease.

How Nootropil Works

Nootropil 1200mg tablets contain 1200mg of the active ingredient Piracetam. Piracteam is a type of Pyrrolidone derived from Gamma Aminobutyric Acid which affects the central nervous system. While the exact interactions between Piracetam and the CNS are not fully understood, scientists believe that Piracetam can enhance the actions of two neurotransmitters in the brain: glutamate and acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine especially has multiple responsibilities, including contracting and smoothing the muscles, dilating blood vessels, and steadying the heart rate. Because of this, Piracetam may sometimes be used to prevent unintended movements, and ease feelings of stress and anxiety, especially in patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

Nootropil Uses

Nootropil 1200mg is often used to treat:

  • Cortical Myoclonus
  • Mild cognitive impairment
  • Epilepsy
  • Seizures
  • Dementia
  • Neurodegenerative diseases including stroke
  • Stress and anxiety in patients with neurodegenerative disease

Nootropil Dosage

The dosage for Nootropil 1200mg is often determined by the weight of the patient, with the recommended daily dose ranging from 30mg/kg to 160mg/kg. The medicine can be taken with or without food. As the active ingredient, Piracetam, can have quite a bitter taste in the mouth, it is best to swallow the tablets whole with a full glass of water.

Nootropil Side Effects

Nootropil 1200mg is generally considered to be safe when taken as prescribed. However, as with many medications, some patients may experience side effects:

  • Increased weight
  • Nervousness
  • Tiredness

It is advised not to drive or operate machinery until you know how Nootropil 1200mg tablets will affect you. If you experience sleepiness, do not undertake these activities.

It is important for patients to read the patient information leaflet in the packaging for a full list of possible side effects from takingNootropil 1200mg. Always consult with the prescribing doctor if side effects persist. If experiencing difficulty breathing, call 999.



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30 Tablets, 60 Tablets, 90 Tablets, 120 Tablets, 180 Tablets, 300 Tablets


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